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For lovers of petticoats, crinolines, tutus, corsets, tights, lingerie, slips, bloomers and pantaloons, and those who wear them as viable day to day outfits, generally where the world can see them, and not hidden away under layers of clothes.

This is a hate free zone. TG/TS and crossdressers are welcome.

Please, abide by LJ rules ~ no pornography!

And of course, please use your good judgement and use the lj-cut tag if you are posting more than one picture or incredibly large images.

Keep posts on-topic and no auctions/adverts unless they are specifically for petticoats, corsets, bloomers and the like. This includes the promotion of lj communities. If you do not seek the moderator's approval ahead of time, posts will be deleted and you take the risk of being banned.

Thank you & *kisses*

Questions? bete_noire and/or fishberryjam is/are the lady(s/z) of the hour.